It’s Been A Long Time…

Hi, there!

It has been a long time since my last post. A lot of things has happened since the last time I wrote in my blog.

When I started this blog, I intended to only write in English in every post I made, to give me more room to flow creatively through words and improve my grammar and vocabulary. But, I am awful at blogging! Being an analyst who always sit in front of a computer for 8-9 hours on weekdays at work, makes me too lazy to write something or share my thoughts in my blog after office hour.

I need to manage myself to have a willingness to sit in front of my laptop at home and write again 😀


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A Challenge Offered

It was around 7.30 AM. I just arrived at the office and came into my room. My co-worker already sat in front of his computer busy with the online game.

“Two of you, who would like to work in Lombok?” I suddenly heard a familiar voice at my back. My boss walked in with his distinctive style.

“When?”, my co-worker asked. “Soon”, my boss answered. “Until when?”, I asked. “For the rest of your life, a staff in Lombok resigned and we need someone to replace her,” my boss said.

My co-worker and I froze. It was a sudden news. I even could not think fast, did not know what to say nor how to react. My boss looked at us and I think he knew that we could not answer his question directly. “Ok, you two discuss it and let me know the answer,” he said. “When do you need the answer?”, I asked. “Soon,” he answered then walked out of the room.

Working in Lombok?

Linkin Park ‘A Thousand Suns’ Concert – Jakarta 21 September 2011

Captured by Mark Fiore for Linkin Park (

Stadion Utama Gelora Bung Karno (GBK), South Jakarta. Wednesday, 21 September 2011.

It was the one of the unforgettable moments in my life. When I finally met my favorite band, my inspiration, my idol. They have been inspiring me since their first album released in 2000. Through their music, song lyrics, creativity and their concern about the humanitarian issues.

Yes. They are Linkin Park. Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington, Joe Hahn, Dave Phoenix Farell, Brad Delson and Rob Bourdon.

I also met my new friends. New family. We are soldiers. Linkin Park Underground.

The concert began around 8.30 PM, with “The Requiem”. It was Linkin Park’s second appearance in Indonesia. Their first performance here was on 13 June 2004 at Carnaval Beach in Ancol, North Jakarta.

I still remember when I attended their first concert with my friends. It entertained about 35,000 fans who sang along the songs from the award-winning albums Hybrid Theory and Meteora.

When Linkin Park announced their second concert here on their twitter account, I was very exited. I was looking forward to hearing their new songs played live.

The second concert was awesome! The stage, lighting, sound and their performance were perfect. They really rocked GBK!

Jakarta Set List:

1. The Requiem
2. Papercut
3. Given Up
4. New Divide
5. Faint
6. When They Come For Me
7. No More Sorrow
8. Jornada Del Muerto
9. Waiting For The End
10. Iridescent
11. Numb
12. Breaking The Habit
13. Shadow Of The Day
14. Crawling
15. One Step Closer
16. Fallout
17. The Catalyst
18. Blackout
19. In The End
20. What I’ve Done
21. Bleed It Out

Journey To The Top

Location: Ratu Crater, Mount Salak – West Java, Indonesia

My first and last mountain climbing experience. My former co-workers persuaded me to join them for a mountain climbing to Ratu Crater.

Climb a mountain? A thing that would never came into my mind before. I do not like being in a forest. I hate insects. I am afraid of wild animals. I am afraid to get lost. I would never imagine myself walking on a slippery and mossy dirt path, uphill and down with woods on the right and left sides.

However, I accepted their challenge. It was very exhausted. I did not enjoy the journey at first until we stopped at the river to rest. I have never seen a clear river flow before. I could even see the rocks in the riverbed. I was then thinking, this is something that I will never find in Jakarta. I took a deep breath and felt the fresh air flew into my lungs. An unusual sense. We sat there for a moment before continuing the journey again.

Once we came down from the mountain and opened the gate, I cheered.  I defeated my fears and  worries. I did not even meet any insects nor wild animals there. I survived. Yes, I was fatigued and thirsty as it drained my energy, but I got a valuable lesson.

I decided to not climb a mountain anymore as it is not my passion. At least, I have experienced it.