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Location: Merlion Park, Clarke Quay, Orchard Road, Makan Sutra, China Town, Parliament House, Sentosa Island


Journey To The Top

Location: Ratu Crater, Mount Salak – West Java, Indonesia

My first and last mountain climbing experience. My former co-workers persuaded me to join them for a mountain climbing to Ratu Crater.

Climb a mountain? A thing that would never came into my mind before. I do not like being in a forest. I hate insects. I am afraid of wild animals. I am afraid to get lost. I would never imagine myself walking on a slippery and mossy dirt path, uphill and down with woods on the right and left sides.

However, I accepted their challenge. It was very exhausted. I did not enjoy the journey at first until we stopped at the river to rest. I have never seen a clear river flow before. I could even see the rocks in the riverbed. I was then thinking, this is something that I will never find in Jakarta. I took a deep breath and felt the fresh air flew into my lungs. An unusual sense. We sat there for a moment before continuing the journey again.

Once we came down from the mountain and opened the gate, I cheered.  I defeated my fears and  worries. I did not even meet any insects nor wild animals there. I survived. Yes, I was fatigued and thirsty as it drained my energy, but I got a valuable lesson.

I decided to not climb a mountain anymore as it is not my passion. At least, I have experienced it.